Nationwide Liquor Licenses (established in 2005), is a division of Nationwide Town Planners and are

well known to corporate clients such as Seven Eleven, Friendly Grocers, Steers, Keg, Total Petroports and others as well as law firms.  Our services include:

 1.    The whole spectrum of new applications, e.g. restaurants, B&B’s, guesthouses, game lodges, pubs, bars, bottle stores as well as WHOLESALE AND DISTRIBUTION LICENSES (DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY).

2.    Transfers

3.    Appointment of Managers

4.    Change of structure and menu

5.    Renewals

6.    Hearings and objections

As one of our divisions in our company, liquor licensing forms an integral part of our land use management business. It is a mere fact that various forms of food and beverage businesses are impacted negatively if they do not have the correct zoning or consent. Therefore, we provide land use management support to businesses applying for liquor licenses and attain the liquor license they require.

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