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 Rezoning - An application for a land use to a Local Authority to allocate certain structures and rights in certain areas. The changing of a use zone to allow for certain land use rights on a property.

If a property owner would like to have certain land use rights on his or her property and the current zoning restricts or does not permit the desired land uses then a rezoning application would be applicable, to allow for the desired land uses. All these changes are subject to approval by the subject Local Authority. 


 Consent use -  This is getting permission to exercise a certain land use right on a property without having to change its zoning. With a consent use, you are only allowed to exercise one land use right, and if you want more than one land use on a property, than a rezoning has to be done.

Consolidation- This is the combining, merging or joining together of two or more properties that are owned by one person or a company to make them one. The consolidation of properties can be done for the purpose of the establishment of bigger developments such as residential buildings (Flats, Guest houses, town houses), big business etc.

Subdivision/ Division of Land- This is the dividing of land into two or more portions. The difference between a subdivision and division of Land is that a division of land application is done on Agricultural zoned land, while a Subdivision application is applicable on land within the urban development boundaries. The division of land or subdivision can be done for a number of reasons, such as for the purpose of selling a piece of the land.  

Removal of Title Deed Restrictions - the removing of any restrictive conditions on the Title Deed that prohibit owners from exercising certain activities, "all limitations on the ownership - or title - of land." Title Deed Conditions are inserted in the Title Deed. In order for a property owner to be able to exercise certain activities that are imposed on the Title Deed, there needs to be a Removal of Title Deed Restrictions application that will remove all restrictive conditions on the Title Deed.

 Feasibility Study - The  investigation on how suitable a development project will be in a specific area, bearing in mind the costs; its technicality and whether it will be profitable. In totality a Feasibility Study would reveal the strength, weaknesses of the development and the threats and opportunities that the environment presents. At the end of a Feasibility Study and after critically looking at the viability of the proposed development one is able to have a full understanding of what resources or activities need to be established.

Site Development Plan - This is a Site plan that clearly lays out existing and proposed site development before constructions will be mad. On the Site Development Plan the following will be indicated:

  • property/ building lines
  • outline of existing and proposed building structures
  • parking space and driveways
  •  existing trees
  • landscape area.

Alienation of Property Application - This service is mostly applicable when a person or organization wants to acquire land that belongs to the government or municipality.We determine exactly who the land belongs to, if it is available for purchase or lease and confirm the procedure to acquire the land. We assist through out the whole process and engage all relevant authorities and other professionals that need to be on board to accommodate this complicated procedure.

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